It's all about contributing to the projects you like to contribute. Students may come and plan to learn something... based on what they like to work. If you plan to learn javaee load your laptop with all necessary thing like JavaEE Server, IDE etc. Most of the projects we deal with require a GitHub account, maven and git are to be installed in your computers at the least. Of course you may be able to download them at the venue, but internet is not guaranteed, tether your 3G if you miss something before coming to the session.
It's all based on interest than Qualification/cost. We are a community.
No most of our sessions are face 2 face meetings. Sessions like Coderetreat, Hackergarten, Java Technology Meetup are the place where we discuss and share knowledge and we feel it will be a great place to interact with other like minded people directly. Hence, at this point of time we don't have plans to conduct these sessions online.
We will send your name to the Security, then you can join us!! But these are only exceptional cases. Last minute entries are not encouraged.
You can learn many technologies,and get updated with Edge of technology. And also you would contribute to open source projects which are mostly based on Java.
Yes,it does. HackerGarten where our team members code on one technology with full energy all the time. Global Day of Coderetreat is another event which happens once in an year.
We will be using JUG Hyderabad for hosting events. Join the group and you will be getting email notifications when ever we schedule a new event. So RSVP for any meet-up and provide your details. And please attend without fail.
We understand that there are unforeseen events because of which you may have to skip a meetup even though you RSVPed. However, we will be marking you as No-Show unless you intimate us early. Please don't change your RSVP in the last minute. We will be marking last minute changers also as No-Show. In case of big events where we invite Guest speakers for workshops and knowledge sharing, we will be ensuring that frequest No-Showers will not get confirmation.
Yes you can. Some times people get bored if they work on same project for long, so a person can be a part of more than one project, however to ensure your time is not split across too many projects, let us keep that parallel project count to a maximum of 2.