Monthly Meetup - August 2019


DBS Asia Hub 2 Waverock SEZ Hyderabad - Gachibowli (Hyderabad)


Talk Details:

Docker 101 - Hands-on with Docker
  • Agenda:
    • What are containers
    • Containers vs VMs.
    • Docker Architecture.
    • Run and interact with Docker containers.
    • Building a docker Image using DockerFile.
    • Build and Deploy a Spring Boot application using Docker.
  • This session would start with the basics of containerization, how they are different from VMs. Some pros and cons of containers when compared to VMs. We would discuss how docker is different from other container solutions and docker architecture.
  • We would then discuss different terminologies associated with docker. Start interacting with docker CLI by running basic commands. We would discuss the command structure used to interact with docker.
  • We would then learn how to build custom images using dockerfile - Different directives which can be used in a docker file. Then, we would explore different types of volumes and how to use them
  • Finally, we would use Docker to build and deploy a simple spring boot application.
  • Speaker: Santosh Kumar Bhiravabhatla
  • Santosh is currently working as a QA at Thoughtworks Hyderabad. He is a Docker enthusiast and has been working with Docker containers for the last couple of years. He loves to share how awesome containers are and how to use Docker to create and maintain containers.

  • Please bring along an original government issued identity card for security clearance at Waverock campus.

  • This will be a hands-on session, so please bring your personal laptops(with Docker installed) along. Please note that you have to register your laptop details with DBS Security personals, so please cooperate with them.

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