Getting Started

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Java User Groups(JUGs) are Java Enthusiasts that come together to contribute, learn, work together for the progress of Open Source Community around the world. There are many JUGs, primarily formed based on geographic proximity. We have formed a group named Java User Group Hyderabad and have been contributing to Open Source. If you want to be a part of it, come join your hands in coding Future Java.

Join JUG Hyderabad

Joining JUG Hyderabad is as simple as joining the meetup group JUG Hyderabad Meetup Group Once you join the meetup group, you will be regularly communicated about the events being scheduled through emails. Different kinds of events are regularly posted in the meetup for contributing. Each event is called a meetup.

Attending a JUG event

If you find a meetup that is interesting, just RSVP to it. You can do that by clicking on RSVP Yes button of the respective meetup. Once you follow above instructions, you will be added to going list. You can find the timings and location where the meetup is about to happen. There is no eligibility criteria, anyone with love of Java can attend the events and last but not least it is free for all.

WARNING: Make sure you attend the event if you RSVPed to it. Not attending the event or Changing the RSVP status in the last minute, its bad manners :-). And of-course, be on time.

Contribute Once you started attending the events and understand how it works, your participation and zeal to do something will take you to a new level where you dreamt of being in. The successful progression of Java community depends on individual participation and contribution. You can always ask questions and how to contribute to the Java community. Here is a short list for your ready reference.