At Java User Group we encourage developers to do open source contributions. Java User Group Hyderabad GitHub repository is a good place to start. Java User Group conducts regular meetings in order to do knowledge sharing. However its also important to give back to the Java community from which we have gave gained so much. If you want to discuss specific JUG Project the JUG Hyderabad slack channel is active and you can contact project owners there. If you want to start a new project, feel free to propose one in the slack #general channel or during the HackerGarten sessions.

For newbies

  1. There are multiple projects online on github and bitbucket
  2. Choose One. Finding choosing difficult? goto 4. If you don't like any, goto 3
  3. Create a new repository assuming you have a brilliant/dumb idea. Blog about it & let friends know.
  4. Join a User Group. Mingle to find projects people are working on. Chances are less that you are in Hyderabad but in case if you are join us>
  5. Fork the repository of your liking. Liking is a overloaded term. It may signify language, interest, philosophy ...-->
  6. Check the issue list of the project you liked/forked. If you don't understand anything goto 7 else goto 8
  7. Subscribe to project mailing list or ask questions on IRC channel of the project
  8. Request that the issue be assigned to you
  9. Read the Readme and How to contribute section in the repository. You may need to understand Gerrit/Jira. Read!
  10. Fix the issue in your forked branch
  11. Run the tests for that project. See if all pass! this is important. If there no tests, create.
  12. Create a pull request to sumbit your patch
  13. Party if your pull request gets accepted. If not go back to 6 or 1 based on your motivation levels
For some motivation please read the Paper by Eric Raymond How to become a Hacker"